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March 13, 2014


Beatles' Fan

Here is one more
On 1 January 1962, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Pete Best were auditioned by Decca producer Tony Meehan and performed a total of fifteen songs in just under one hour. All the material was from selection of covers the Beatles had performed in various clubs over the years, interspersed with three Lennon–McCartney originals.
Decca Records rejected the Beatles, saying "guitar groups are on the way out" and "The Beatles have no future in show business

Valley of the Sun

Thanks Anand…this is just what I needed today 

Pulao Penang

Good one. Failure is lesson of life and never give up.

Friends (received in direct emails. Posted by FR team)

1. Awesome content & truly inspirational. I like the way Rajiv phrased it “Key to Success is Failure!!!”

I sent it to my daughters

2.The Gertrude Stein rejection is classic!


Each one of us is like a gem stone buried underground. It takes a special miner to discover it and someone to polish and make it shine. For human, fortunately, we can be our own miner and that special someone to make us shine. Believe in yourself and work toward your goal!


Nice One Rajive. I heard the FEDEEX Guy paper at IVY college was graded C or rejected for FEDEX Concept. Today FEDEX = $137 @NYSE.

micro CEO

Thanks for sharing. Very interesting examples. It should be heartening to us all.

I have read of several more examples in this vein. Surely there are many, many more stories of failure than those of success. Not all of them end happily during the lifetime of the brave challenger. But their post-humous recognition should only serve to help reinforce the importance of believing in what we do, regardless of what others may say.

Here are 5 more instances (though without the rejection letters to show).

1. Vincent Van Gogh was not able to sell any of his paintings during his lifetime (Well there was 1 exception, "the Red Vinyard"). Now of course, they go for millions at auctions, and Van Gogh probably sits near the top of anyone's list of best 19th century painters).

2. J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter book (which became a multi-million seller in English and in every conceivable other translated language...all during our modern times when kids have are reading fewer and fewer books) were reportedly rejected by a dozen large publishers before one small publishing company picked it up. That was only on account of the CEO's daughter who apparently begged the man to publish it.

3. Anne Frank's Diary (collected and submitted by a surviving relative) was repeatedly rejected and poorly reviewed by reviewing publishers, who felt that it had nothing special to offer. It was finally accepted only after being featured in a newspaper article. Now it is widely counted among the most famous novels in history.

4. Lynn Margulis, evolutionary biologist, who pioneered the theory that evolution of nuclei in cells is a result of symbiotic relationships with bacteria (not random mutations), saw her paper rejected by 15 journals before finally being published. She later got a national medal of science for the research finding, which is heralded by many as a watershed in modern evolutionary science.

5. Ludwig Boltzmann, physicist who established statistical mechanics (without which we could have neither thermodynamics nor quantum physics), put used his research to demonstrate theoretically that all matter consists of atoms (later proved by Einstein's paper on Brownian Motion). His theories were vehemently rejected by Ernst Mach and other illustrious scientists. Tragically, Boltzmann was driven to commit suicide. Today, he is remembered as a giant in the history of scientific discovery.

Boltzmann's story is mentioned by Jacob Bronowski in the 1973 BBC TV series, Ascent of Man.

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