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January 02, 2014


KK Sohn

Yes there is reason why rearview mirror is small. If it was big, guess what happen?
True life moves forward.
Good story to start 2014. Thanks


Cheers to 2014, and Happy New Year !


I like the expression - "the open road is a constant visual reminder of the endless possibilities that lay ahead."

Yes, what we can see in front of us is a wonderful sea of possibilities which awaits our challenge.

I believe this "Friday Reflection" can give us another great series of wisdoms in 2014 as well.

Happy New Year!

Mark Dennen

I have always felt the best is yet to come, yet I am careful to remind myself how blessed I have been in the past. Many times I have been saved from a calamity and I realize it was not just because I was lucky and for that, I am grateful.

Penang fan

Happy New Year to you. I love New Orleans- one of the places for me to revisit when I get a chance.


Happy new year. I have not visited New Orleans but would like to go there some day. Some of my favorite jazz musicians came from there, like Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., Nicholas Payton, and of course Louis Armstrong (and many others).

I am envious to read of the seeming freedom you have from attachments. Perhaps this is only my illusion as reader, but it sounds very refreshing to hear that you are out on the road without an itinerary.

Back in my university days, I read a book called, "Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig, which turned out to be an interesting road trip novel, but also surprisingly a philosophical discussion reminiscent of Plato's dialogues. Pirsig was deeply influenced by the zeitgeist of the 1970s as well as the culture of San Francisco at the time. Yet, his discussions are fully relevant even today...musings on the failure of most people to grasp the inner (functional) beauty of things, or the dilemma of defining 'quality', the struggles with himself, with insanity, with fatherhood and friedship. His motorcycle carries him across the country both into the future and back into his past. Simultaneuosly the journey gives him time and opportunity to analyze and dissect the ideas of philosophy as seen in terms of the machine. This novel stands as a great classic of our time. If you have a chance I can recommend this book as a companion to your travels.

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