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September 05, 2013



Chammomile Tea.


Doing good for oneself & for others is good enough reason for me


Knowing that I will have a nice glass of wine at the end of the day and forget about all "problems" at work.


"A well-spent day brings happy sleep." Leonardo had it right.


This reflection. Put things in perspective in OBT way.

California Guy

When my children are ready to tackle life's challenges, with or without me.


Good Boss.


Knowing that we have consistently delivered high value to our company.

Not quite so sleepless in AZ

I think the priorities listed above are slightly of.
Your badge? I mean really!
And why would you lose your job - if you sleep well?
Perhaps it just means that you have a clear conscience, your loved ones are healthy and safe, you have given 125% to each thing you did today, and have the confidence that you can deal with the rest tomorrow. And of course that glass of wine :)

my 3 reasons for sleeplessness have been- Sons out late( when they were at home: now I hope they know to make the right decisions); sick parent/friend; being overwhelmed and not quite sure of how to deal with the issue of the day/week/month.


Doing certain amount of sports like tennis or table tennis makes me sleep well. But I am still awake now at 2 o'clock today due to sports too, waiting for the final result of voting for 2020 Olympics Games city :) Hope Tokyo can win.

Mark Dennen

What keeps me awake at night? Worry, which to me, translates into a "Bad Movie Night", the kind where you keep replaying the same event over and over in your head an endless amount of times and there is no ending. These are usually worries which, in the morning, seemed insignificant, but at 2:00AM, they seem to occupy your full attention and cannot be compartmentalized or dismissed. So how does one stop such a thing? Well, you can get up and read for a while which I have found to be helpful as it provides intermission to the "Bad Movie" and once you start reading about other issues in the world, your problems pale in perspective and sleep comes soon. The other choice, when I was working, was 5 mg. of Ambien to "kill it". Some might view this as a weakness, but if I had to get up and catch an early morning flight, I needed the sleep and I never suffered from any drag. I used this solution approximately once/month. I learned from my plane travel you don't need much (so I cut them in half) and if you hold that very bitter tasting pill under your tongue (like a heart attack pill), the effect is amazingly accelerated and within a few minutes you are out until your alarm rings.

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