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July 18, 2013



He did whatever it takes to have his team win. Ego aside and team first. That is TRUE professional.

Tom Sullivan

Following sentence tells it all
"he has exemplified what a true professional is supposed to be: selfless performance for the greater good of the team no matter how tough it was to his ego to be demoted."

A note sne by "True Profesional" posted by FR team

Great lesson this week… I really like this one.

How often at work do we see our peers bitter and depressed because they are not getting promoted, or not doing “real” engineering work, or not recognized enough for what they do. What a glass half-empty view of the world. Why not just do your currently assigned job, really, really well. There is absolutely nothing glamorous about my role… much of it is very routine and not very intellectually stimulating, but I do it very well. I make format edits, I publish documents, I manage schedules and remind engineers of due dates, I communicate, I listen, I make improvement’s to our little system. I do a great job running a small little part of the company’s business. I do not foresee any promotions in my foreseeable future, but I am not only fine with that… I welcome it! I want to work just 9 hours a day. I want to go home at a regular time each day… I want to spend time with my family and on other aspects of my life. I want a steady paycheck with good benefits. And to top it all off, my management chain and most of my peers treat me well. To complain about that is just… greedy.

I too am a professional. I do what I do (project mgmt.) very well. I will never be famous, never be super rich, never be indispensable… but I can live happily by this motto

“All I want is to enter my house justified.”

– from the great western “Ride the High Country”

Again, thanks for sharing


I remember reading about how Steven Pressfield went from living in his car to writing books that have been turned into Hollywood movies. In it he mentioned the way to look at breaking your creative block is to just be a "professional" and do things even if you dont feel so. You can read more at

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