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May 16, 2013


Roger Dimitri

How many people are fortunate enough to get an opportunity for long term patience? How many good people's career are over because of impatient and crazy management.
So in this case, in addition to great achiever Sir Alex, give credit to the owners who stayed with him.
thank you for a great reflection

Malay Man

Our boss is like this. He does not give up on people. Many employees have reached great results because of the confidence. As a result we are a great organization well respected by our partners and customers.

Sir Alex Ferguson is popular in my country. Great tribute to a Very Good Man. Thanks David Hightower.

Mark Dennen

From my perspective, this article explains exactly the importance of parenthood, to be able to shrug off many of the short-term issues (of which many involve ourselves) and to focus on the long-term goal of raising our children to adulthood so that they may survive (thrive) in this very difficult world. And in the end, if you have done a great job, there are no trophies, nothing perhaps except understanding, appreciation, a hug and a well-deserved thank you.

Fr. Sanjay Mahajan

Yo Anand! I love your friday reflections. And if I remember correctly you had this trait way back in 1971 too:)!!


In my early career there were two occassions when I made big mistakes which cost a lot of money. But my bosses Charles Fa in one case and Joe Zelayeta in the other case showed confidence in me. Right after my mistakes, instead of pulling me out of that area or a job, they gave me another challenging assignment in the same area. And that has made all the difference.

Alex T

It is interesting to look at Sir Alex business style, and find commonalities with the best known companies and business leaders
• Like at Intel, he introduced meritocracy, trusting both younger players to take charge, and keeping older footballers who still possess great skills.
• Like late boss of Apple, he perfected unorthodox approach, and was obsessed in making things (in his case, football game) beautiful.
• Like many high tech companies, he was one of the first to implement global approach in hiring the best talents from all over the world; the team current squad includes players from Latin America, continental Europe, Japan… He inherited the team with 18 English players and 2 foreign stars…
• Like Intel and other great companies, he was taking great care about achieving the goals with the optimal investment; Manchester United spends lower proportion of its revenues to players’ wages, compared to other Premier League teams.
• Like Intel, Nike, Google, he created recognizable high value brand name for the club, which he took over as the manager 26 years ago.
• Businessmen and politicians are learning his style of leadership and business management, like they are learning from the great business leaders of the past: Andy Groove, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Jack Welsh…


This FR comes at the perfect time… again. In today’s environment of instant gratification- Kids asking for that wonder phone, and expecting to get it right away. Young adults thinking- they are going to get rich and famous quick- just like Mark Z, and Lady Gaga  Parents expecting the child to be a musical virtuoso in a year- because so and so’s daughter is a Piano diva. We often times forget to acknowledge what our kids strengths are- because we are so focused on telling them to do something else better, faster. At work, I learnt a very valuable lesson just these past 2 weeks in how not to jump into a reliability experiment without first understanding why /what the end use was We as Parents, engineers, owners, managers, are in the right place to instill patience in our kids, co- workers, employees, and friends.. Learn from Sir Alex and those who stood by him. What was that saying? Rome was not built in one day.

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