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March 07, 2013


Friend from Penang

Good reminder. Many times and occasions– we build our kids to be who we wished ourselves to hv been….not who they really want to be or are good at….you are the only parent that I know that let the kids do what they love in life.


Nice one


Loved this Friday Reflection!


Thanks.. great article…


In my last 14 years of work experience I can clearly see that I have done well on things I like and not on the things that did not ..even if I felt that I was trying very hard..


Nice article! 
Is the picture from Life of Pi? I just watched it in flight during my way back to PG.

I learnt from these 2 items especially… love it very much!
Let go of shame...
...And its evil twin - FEAR.


Taipei walker

Another good article. Thank you very much!!
I really like the word "passion". It's the mother of all wonderful things.

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