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March 28, 2013



very relevant to my situation right now. Thanks


Superb Story and message to Reflect upon. Thank You.

Rayag Khilnani

seems to be a fable about moral dislocation in today's day an age, I can relate to this story all to well


i realize that what we call "problems in life" can also be seen as external changes to our environment. The response from our side to these changes determine the outcome of life.


A good friend of mine always says “Just when you think everything is fine… it isn’t.”

East Coast

The shrinking pond is the earth thanks to globalization. The pie is only so big and growing very slowly, much slower than the wants of the people on this plant. Two billion people live on $2/day and they want a bigger share of the pie and are willing to do most anything to get it. Imagine how hard they will work to make $10/day. Now $10/day means very little to many Americans (two trips to Starbucks), but it is a slow erosion of our income and becomes more evident over time. It is like the increased melting rate of the ice pack and the money is being spread around and not concentrated in just one place. It's scary, especially for the young just starting out. They will have to work incredibly hard to keep ahead of the curve.

The new reality for Ping is that the pond has gotten smaller – perhaps the Owl told him that.


I just ordered five copies of the book, one for my self and the others for my dear friends. Thanks

Friend: Childhood Memories

And sometime the pond water comes back....

As a hunter from age 7, in fact store purchased meats eluded our stove top until I was about 14, I had the most humbling of experiences of having to takes lives in order to sustain life. That said, I grieved more for the slow dying fish, then for the humanely ceased lives of the animals that provided the ultimate gift at the hands of a skilled hunter, as odd as that may sound to some. This brings up my pond parallel. While hunting birds as a young boy I stumbled upon a drying up canal between two fields with fish flopping everywhere gasping for their next chance at life, I scared off the feathered diners surrounding and preying on them, I then reached into my pocket to count my remaining shotgun shells slated for food for our freezer, finding only a small amount as they were reloaded with the birthday monies I had gathered that year. I began to take these small inedible fish out of the misery, shot by shot, peace by pieces, groups of flopping fish were released from their pain, after using up most if not all of my birthday monies (shells) and a face swelling with impending tears, my father, who had heard the commotion came running from across the field. Shocked by what he thought might be a waste of shots/shells, he curiously inquires “what the hell are you doing”, to which I slowly turned and said, “ Saving them from a slow death, the water is gone!” My dad likely confused and somewhat humored says, “Yeah in about another 10 minutes that farmer over there will reopen the gate and let water back in”

So I guess one could say, before seeking a new pond make damn/dam sure the drying pond you are in cannot be replenished! 

Just a glimpse at my childhood,

Posted by FR team

comments received in direct email

1. Excellent story..really jives with what I want to prevent happening in my career….pond drying out around me… DK

2. I hope you are doing very well!
Thanks for writing about Ping and mentioning my name. 
Your discipline and constancy with the Friday Reflection are admirable!
It is a job not easy to do but with passion, you get this done very well.
Best Regards,

This one’s timing is uncanny!

Just 2 days ago- my son - left for a small town for an 8 month job.
He graduated in Dec. w/ a BS in Ecology and evol biology. Much to my dismay- what no engineering? Medicine/ or Business degree? How will you make a living!!

Then I got over it- because he loves photography and is very much into outdoors sports/ activities and a free spirit. And I thought- Anyways he would have been miserable in an office environment- in front of a computer.

Anyways- he does things in series. Started to apply to Grad school and jobs “after” graduation”

And all through his own efforts got a 8 mth research asst job – in a small town.
He is an avid Mountain biker- and was very reluctant to take it- because all he saw in - was farmland.

My husband and I kind of said similar things to him- that even though his preference is to study/work was in Oregon or CA- he should go- and learn. All work is useful experience etc.

And 2 days ago- he called me at 2 pm- and said” aai- I have decided to take the job, I have spoken to .....- and I will go on the 10 .50 pm flight tonight”.

I was very proud at that moment 
Then he calls me next day- and describes a diner and the people- marveling at how different they seemed from AZ folks 

And put up his first photo of a windmill- (he is working at a wind energy farm) on FB.

I still don’t know how he will thrive in this “money needed” world- but am glad I did not force him to do engineering or medicine.

Just wanted to share my thoughts today. MD

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