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March 14, 2013



Does not happen just in sports but in many avenues of life.

And all too often the result of a contest (evaluation) is not decided by the participants (team members), but by horrific misjudgments on the part of the officials(managers) (thereby souring the purity of the game/result). What’s even more unfortunate is that it’s simply written off as a “part of the game.("No one likes our evaluation system but we have to live with it because it is our system and we cannot change it.)”

Anti tradition

two thoughts about Tradition from wise and practical

Tradition becomes our security, and when the mind is secure it is in decay. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation, it is a corpse. Winston Churchill

Too bad that time changes but some traditions do not and hurt so many souls.

Mark Dennen

First, I would point out Professional Sports is just entertainment and players are paid actors trying to get the highest possible salaries. True, there are some bad calls, but there are also many, many calls which were missed which also impacted the game, yet the audience is unaware (I am referring to dirty plays, cheap hits which happened off camera or when officials were distracted). Finally, we often focus on what we believe to be the "turning point" and focus the blame at one individual or event. In American Football, it is often the "field goal kicker" who missed in the final three seconds. But had the team done their job and scored a touchdown, they would not need the field goal kicker to "save them" at the last minute with a 55 yard kick. However, the field is a stage and the players are the actors and drama is always important, especially for TV ratings and selling newspapers.


Let us accept that judgements and mistakes outlined in this publication and by two Gentlemen also happen at work. Just like in sports, we are professionals and need to get up and play again. Ofcourse To Win.


Is it not odd that in our world of instant replays and electronic RFID tagged sensors, we still have human referees calling the shots? Are we unwilling to admit that computers are far superior to their creators in making accurate, digital, decisions (The line was crossed or not? The ball touched the ground or not? The goal was in time or not?).

But perhaps we also suspect that once the power of decision is relinquished to the computers, there may be no going back. I think, the real purpose of sport is to foster a common understanding of healthy competition under a set of pre-agreed rules. Computers cannot really help us with that.

In the world of men, we have no shortage of fixing and cheating in sports. Witness the latest example (Operation Veto) in pro Soccer... the "beautiful game" corrupted at the highest level (but still fundamentally beautiful at the level where it counts, at the local and personal level:

Yet the world of computers and algorithms(controlled and programmed by men) would also not be devoid of deviousness. I guess that is why we still don't trust computers for counting our votes in elections.

The nice thing about sports is the pre-agreed rules, and the fact that there are referees (and hopefully a system to keep them in check, too). Furthermore, we can be as objective, innocent spectators, and we can freely meet at the pub to kvetch about the bad calls of the referees, who are above our influence.

In contrast we have many of the problems in modern society. We have wars, energy crises, pollution, global warming, poverty, over-fishing, species extinction, etc. Strangely, we also believe ourselves to be on the sidelines, listening to the play-by-play call of TV announcers ...and they are reporting on what calls are made by the world leaders (our team coaches and managers?). There are no referees of course. Uninterestingly, there also are no meaningful wins without all of our participation and our basic realization that we are all involved both the problems and the solutions, through our daily lifestyles and daily choices.

I can see why we prefer to watch sports.


Agree about the principle that if we dont make changes in ourselves, we are actually going behind as others are open to improve. In order to be ready for change, we have to recognize that the main aim of a professional in any environment is to be better than how they are today. If the desire for improving oneself is gone, its just a matter of time we will be irrelevant or even useless in the eyes of the world.

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