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February 21, 2013



What about Code of Conduct and conflict issues if we are to develop such relationships with suppliers?

Anon 2

To Anon;
There are no code of conduct or conflict issues if the relationships are based on honesty, integrity and ethical behavior. That is a personal choice.

Conventional thinking automatically assumes that just because you had a glass of beer with a supplier means that supplier must have paid for it. The story is about building personal rapport and trust. Looking at it in a diffrent way: One can always offer to pay for his/her own glass of beer; or going a step further, buy a glass for suppliers in appreciation of their work. In today's world, suppliers are extension of your production/supply chain operations or in case of outsourcing: they are your production operations. So how about treating them the way you would treat (supposed to treat) your own production employees?

A little bit of goodwill goes a long long way...

Mark Dennen

The parent company of the firm where I was employed was headquartered in Tokyo. Each floor was an "open air" concept, 100 yards long with the maximin number of desks installed (sides & fronts touching one another with only a small 5 inch privacy wall). The custom was to meet with people at a small table at the end of a row, but I found it far more productive to sit with them and drink coffee at Starbucks in the building's basement, away from the crowds and a brief respite from the stress. And although we did talk "business", the majority of the time was spent talking about family and other personal matters. We humans share far more similarities than differences.

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