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September 06, 2012



Wow!!! I have so far committed all the cardinal sins and that too all the time….darn, no wonder.


Mistake #4: To send out emails while on vacation. That shows you care more for the job than your boss. (:)


Add 1 more to the list of 3.
Yes, don’t allow frens to tag u on FB..Especially on events that wld mislead ppl into thinking u are having too much fun 

Mark Dennen

Being from the East, I am a firm believer in dressing properly for work. It sets a tone and keeps you sharp. And when people asked why you are dressed, you can respond, "One dresses to honor the person whom they are about to meet."

My sales staff was always required to wear a suit and when IBM went casual, their purchasing personnel thought it gave us a negotiation advantage because we were dressed and they were not (they changed back).

One other comment about dressing comes from my saintly mother, her name was Grace, "If you dress for anything, you dress for Church." I think this links right back to my first paragraph.


I whistle and look noticeably happy every day... that is part of my life mission. So good thing I telecommute on Fridays so I don’t’ make the mistake below, eh?

Thanks for sharing and best regards

Shanghai Friend

Thanks for sharing such a funny story… 


Thanks for sharing! It is fun and lifts up Friday mood 


Haha, when I was a college intern at .... Labs, my supervisor told me to “Never be on the edge, but look at you’ll always on the edge.”

Have a great weekend.

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