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July 19, 2012


A Learner

Well said and great stories.

It associates what Carol Dweck's studies and her book on "Mindset". There are two types of mindset : Fix Mindset and Growth Mindset. Growth Mindset is the Leaners and Doers mindset, those are the mindets of very successful persons in life. The famous names in sports world are Michael Jordon, Muhammad Ali, Wilma Rudoplh etc. these are the peoples with very strong growth mindset...


Thanks for sharing your invaluable wisdom weekly to a large group of people. I have realized that learning is an individual choice


For story 1: wait a few years until those two girls get baptized in Ranking and Rating Comparative Analysis system. Then tell us how they behave. Too much zeal against old establishments does not help when the established have too much at stake in stock options and perks.


Story number two is very meaningful for me. I recall the following quote about the importance of knowledge rather than status.
“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Mr. Cynical above is entirely too cynical about story #1. We are not (and must not be) solely the product of our environment. More power to the new recruits who can carpe diem.


I can relate to that . Good things happen when we don't give up. Thanks

email from a friend (Posted by FR team)

on mandatory training and optional learning. What a cynical title for your Friday reflection!  This is a great reminder that I, too, get stuck in training/learning, and forget about the hands-on application. It’s liberating to know that we live in a world that allows us to experiment, and it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Thanks!

Passion For Excellence (From a distant land)

Interestingly some people don’t see it that way and I remembered us having similar conversations before. Trainings of all form can be provided to each individual, but if one chooses not to click to open up and start learning, no one can force one person to do so. To top that, even if one was forced to sit through training and refuses to intake all those learning, one will still be a human unlearned about anything. So yes, training may be mandatory, but learning is definitely optional.

Thanks for sharing.

Note from a Learner and Doer (Posted by FR team)

I have just read 

I hope that you’re referring to me as one of them   let me guess…. another female employees could be...?
Let me know if my guess is correct… haha…

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