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June 21, 2012



Let us be honest here. In the heat of passion leaders do make proclaimations that are not practical to implement. This is reality.

old timer

The Director mentioned in your story #1 is Dr. Craig Barrett Correct?


Responsibility to Employees/People: Story #1,#2, #3. #4.
Responsibility to Customers: #1. #5.
Responsibility to Community: #3.
Well Done with Mr.Packard's guidelines.

Chen S.

Uncompromising values extend to all aspect of life and interactions. If you do not commit violence but ignore your neighbor doing on his family then it violates Un.
If your internal dealings within your organization are ethical but if you sponsor external organization that is doing unethical practices then it is not uncompromising integrity.
America is founded on great values but when some presidents sponsored illegal activities in other countries then it was not Uncompromising Integrity. Bribing foreign officials, Iran Contra, sponsoring criminals in other countries to topple democratically elected governments.


Very good (& diverse) examples of integrity… thank you for sharing.

Per the David Packard quote, my great grandfather owned a fairly large linen supply (laundry service) in Los Angeles in the 1940’s-1970’s. He told my father, who told me the same when I was quite small, “we are in business for two equally important reasons. One is to make money; the other is to provide honest employment for our people. That is the role of any good business.”

I was probably told that story when I was 5 years old... but never forgot it.

Best regards and hope you have a good weekend

A note from a Malaysian Friend

Goodbye my friend. Thank u for all your sharing and friendship through the years. God bless always.

key employee

I used to work for a company that had Uncompromising Integrity and Professionalism as one of its values. One day my boss's Boss (VP) calls me for a private meeting and hands me an envelope. Inside was special stock grant. He informed me that I was considered a key employee so I was granted this options. I was not to tell anybody about it because only a few people got that in the company.I asked him if my boss, who was a very good person and admired leader by employees and customers, knew about it. The VP told me that kind information was shared only between VP and the employee who is selected. I was shocked and later found out that it was a wide spread practice though not across the board.

Walk the Talk

Here is a great example of Uncompromising Value.

Gandhi consistently preached non-violence to his followers and demonstrated in practice. When the British troops mercilessly beat Indians who were protesting injustice in a peaceful way, Gandhi and his followers took the beating but never raised hands at the troops.

But the real test for Gandhi and his philosophy came in Amritsar at the Jallianwala Bagh stadium on Sunday April 13, 1919. Britsh General Dyer was convinced that a major insurrection was going on, thus he banned all meetings. On hearing that a meeting of 15,000 to 20,000 people had assembled (which included women, senior citizens and children) at Jallianwala Bagh, he went with fifty riflemen to a raised bank, closed all exits to the stadium and ordered his troops to shoot at the crowd. Dyer kept the firing up till the ammunition supply was almost exhausted for about ten minutes with 1,650 rounds fired approximately. More than 1000 unarmed,peaceful men,women and children were slaughtered by General Dyer's orders.

Now Indians were very angry and wanted an armed revolution against the British.When Gandhi learned about the massacre (it took many weeks for the whole story to emerge), his initial reaction was criticize not only the British for the massacre itself, but also the Indians for the mob rampage (including the murders and assaults on British residents) that followed. This was consistent with Gandhi’s insistence that ALL violence is evil, no matter the provocation.

However his insistence on adhering to nonviolence and convincing Indians to follow the same exposed the hypocracy of "British" empire to the world and it was the beginning of the end of British rule in India.

micro CEO

I took this opportunity to look into the HP website, where there is a very impressive corporate "history museum" and overview of how it all got started (right out of a garage). Wikipedia also affirms the amazing generosity of Mr. Packard who donated millions to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation and research there. Then in passing, he left most of his personal value of approximately 4 billion USD to the Packard Foundation.

On the topic of "un", I am reminded of some of the amazing stories I heard as a boy at summer camp in the Berkshire Mountains in USA. Campers came from all over the country, from a wide range of cultures and economic strata. In fact, there were many, many stories to hear from fellow campers and from the counselors by candlelight chats at night. We had no electricity or other modern conveniences at the month-long camp, so there was mostly only nature, sports, and stories for keeping busy. Here are 3 that I feel compelled to mention:

One story was about un-wavering faith and un-failing positive attitude: "I am Third". this is the story of an NFL football player named Gale Sayers, who's motto was "God is first; Others are second; I am third". The act of putting oneself last seemed so paradoxical to me at the time...

The second story (actually from my parents) was the one of un-shakable perseverance. The story of Jackie Robinson, and his quiet perseverance to play professional baseball (the first black player) in the face of some really mean and rough treatment from teammates, other players, and also fans. Yet he absorbed it all and went on to be one of the greatest players in history.
The third story, of un-believable generosity, was the most impressive for me, and it was read every year at camp during the Sunday chapel service (non-denominational, outdoor meeting for reflections and stories, required for all campers, and we even had to dress up in our "formal" white camp shirts and white pants for that). The story was "Gift of the Magi", by O'Henry, and it is for me still one of the most powerful examples of "un" that stands in my memory, as a kind of beacon for me.


To add to Realistic Point..
CEO wants his company to be The Best Bar None across the board, Not just the main business but community, ethics, service.
Create ancillary groups to support such programs. Hire the best. Guys/Girls take their jobs seriously. For Ethics proposal put forward by these "best" who have no business experience. Proposal states "Uncompromising Integrity." Now once it is on the table which CEO can say No, that is too much. He does not want to look bad in front of a rookie. So "Good Idea. let us go for it". Then reality pops in.
As stated by many other bloggers it is easy to make big statements but hard to sustain. Needs courage and Unquestionable leadership.
Having dealt with Mr. Packard I would say he was one such man. The other that comes to mind is Dr.Gordon Moore.
Time for a show "Where are they now?"

Fr. Malaysia

Very nice article! I like the 5 examples..especially No#2. I’m a strong believer of equality regardless of race, religion, gender, etc. Your principal was a very brave man…I blv worst could hv happened to him (pulling out of funds would hv been a very minor issue).


I think Holden is right, the responsibility of management is to the best long-term interests of the shareholders and their investment. To attain this goal may certainly include (require) treating employees, customers, communities responsibly. Sometimes management has their own agenda which does not include the long-term interests of the shareholders and this is wrong. It’s not their money, it’s the investors money. If a person wishes to pursue a noble cause, they can start a non-profit, raise money and begin their quest.


Great reflection… I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading these


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