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February 10, 2012


TL from Taipei

Great story of Persistence and Innovation. I have watched John Paul on TV several times. Thorougly impressed with his creative mind, down to earth nature and enthusiasm. Thanks for the story.


My first piece of advice (if I were asked) to the stepson is to take some time and read the story of Job, for the story of Job, I have heard, it not just about one person, but about every person. I would also advise the young man, if he has some free time, to consider spending some of it in Church and then he would discover he is not alone, never has been alone, never will be alone and if God takes the time and effort to make sure birds of the sky have food to eat, would he not surely not take care of this young man?
Over 25 years ago, I was already attending SPIE conferences in San Jose and normally, the conference coincides with Lent. Before the show started, I would get up and walk down the street to morning Mass. One day, on the way back from Mass, I walked with a person and we became friends. I would only see him at the shows for he worked in Texas and my job did not take me to Texas in those days. The company I worked for would later be sold and I was not comfortable with the new owners. One day, I received a phone call from a man in charge of starting up a new company in the U.S. He said I had been recommended by one of his business associates. The business associate was the man from Texas whom I first met after going to morning Mass. Twenty two years later, I still work for JSR and Cesar Garza and I are still very good friends.

Nobody ever hurt their chances in life by going to Church. It is the one thing is life which has only upside and zero downside risk. Of that, I am sure!

CH (Malaysia)

This article reminds me another quote…
Knowledge is not the power, Sharing is.

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