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January 12, 2012


California Guy

Muhammad Ali seems like a complex person who lived a transparent life based on simple principles. George Foreman's reflection of the "Rumble in the Jungle" seems to confirm that Ali answers to a "higher calling" (his principles) even though the boxing rules of engagement permitted the delivery of that "punch never thrown".


A Great tribute to Greatest Of All Times.


Boxing was just the game with some skills and techniques. what made Muhmmad Ali the Man, a great human being, is what he did by not throwing that punch. He could have very badly hurt Foreman, something many boxers do. He did not do that to a falling opponent. Such incidences along with his off Boxing service to people made him The Greatest. Positively impacted the lives of billions of people on this earth.
What is inside that counts.


What about the unbecoming behaviour towards Joe Frazier though? Still the greatest? :(

Paul Jones

With the earthly passing of "The Greatest", much of his life, his boxing, his quotes, his beliefs have been revisited. I have yet to hear a comment about the greatest punch never thrown. It is something that I recalled from a photographic biography of Ali, from the forward penned by George Foreman. That "non" punch made him the greatest. It meant so much, and still does. RIP Ali.


I think his conduct toward Frazier was particularly egregious. I think it shows that he too was human. I suspect Ali had tremendous remorse for that. Life is complicated. And he did it very well. The non punch is truly amazing. Just watching the replay, it was right there for so long. I believe every other boxer in the world throws that punch. Ali, in the moment, and a huge moment, taught us by his actions that it matters how you win. A great man. And, the Greatest of All Time!

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