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January 20, 2012



If you’re a manager, do you ask your people to spend part of their time growing the grass, or are you happiest when they’re busy killing the weeds because the results are so quick and easy to advertise? Excellence only comes through patient improvement over the long term.


this story touched me, particularly because I am assembling my self assessment for annual review – somehow the efforts spent on incremental systems improvement - growing the grass by influencing........infrastructure – are ignored with a comment like – “but I don’t see results (yet)” v. valuing the COQ avoidance of the excursions.


Great wisdom and timely reminder while developing new goals at work.


So I think I understand the point: Is it better to drive the cost down to the lowest possible level where they seemingly no longer exist (on the profit and loss statement) or do we invest in the supply chain such that we have healthy suppliers upon which we can have full faith and trust (and thus protect our brand)?

I never thought this was about lawns anyhow. Much of the Bay Area is covered in cement. Back East, we have lawns!

Have a good day,

Japan Friend

Good sharing. Same thing can be said to education of children. Sometimes it is more effective to encourage children to judge the rightness of something, rather than just forbid them to do it.

Ex Rabble Rouser

Life is never "either or". There is nothing against killing the weeds and growing the lawn at the same time. It just needs a different approach. For example, 99% of weeds could be removed mechanically while growing the lawn. More hard work, perhaps. Good management will certainly expect that. Good engineers can certainly accomplish that also.

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