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September 17, 2011



lol... they are robots, companies like that will fail!!!


This one cracks me up. Often time we see employees just executing what was told to do but not understanding why.

Malay Man

With all the checklist and work instruction, people can be too dependent on them and not really using their brain nowadays … they may just follow the instruction blindly and miss the ability to speedy response.

Just recall how many times we hear people mention that this is not defined in the requirement , that is still within spec …. Even though it is obviously different !



very funny.


Since the survey taker follows a standard protocol and uses a designated checklist of questions, perhaps his/her organization within the company is better qualified to handle the investors assets. If the CAR's own org group (by inference) does not track his interactions with assigned customers or have a standard minimum protocol and frequency for initiating communications, then it is a dysfunctional group. Has the corporate oversight already realized this, hence the implementation of this customer survey? Or has the survey been requested by the CAR's org management who are unable to determine directly through customer retention rate (or other results)? That is the $64,000 question, is it not?

"A public-opinion poll is no substitute for thought."
-W. Buffett


This is a sickness that has killed many companies. Mechanical and Compliance culture. Business is good so compliance managers go on hiring spree because Boss said so. Business is bad, cut spending and compliance managers go on firing spree. No strategic critical thinking, just do it mechanically. Very predictable behavior.
Who is watching the real business?
Graveyards are filled with such companies; many that were great at one time.


I sometimes see the same problem in a doctor's office where they cannot give you an appointment for 2 months. Do they think I can wait? Since I have choice, I move on to someplace else where they will give me timely help. Due to internet, as customers we have easy access to multiple choices. If a business does not understand a customer's need, it will soon loose them to competitors.

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