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August 06, 2011



this is a very funny story.


May I add that people don't buy things anymore, we now buy the whole experience. Those who wow us are the ones who see through and deliver to the core of our needs.


Very well written story and lots of fun moments. Agree that this experience is as memorable as the previous ones but for the wrong reason. And in today's age of connectedness over the internet, stories like these quickly get to a lot of people and will impact those businesses which do not care about customer experience.


Congratulations on completing 7 years of Friday Reflections.
Each and everyone of them are enjoyable.

And to this respect, I recollected your reflection (PPS) sent on 02/04/2007 PETALS OF LIFE. It says it all. Thanks once again for sharing your memorable experiences


I remember the Hotel, it is . 

I like this quote and it is also applicable in today’s use experience world :

People don’t just buy things – they buy expectations about performance and service.

People don’t just buy things – they buy “great experience” about performance and service.

East Coast

Perhaps because I am Irish, I look at these things sonmetimes from a different perspective. I read the Point to Ponder, noticed the last part of the statement and thought,

“What does God expect from us, despite our needs, our wants and our emotions?”

I hope you have a great week.

Friend from overseas

I knew your experience in “ ” Hotel. Seems the impression of bad service will last forever, u still remember so clearly although 3+year passed. .
It is hard to rebuild up the relationship if it was broken before.


Anand,I loved the ending :).It takes a person with a real sense of humor to see the funny side of this whole story and end it with " and my wife called...." If this was a company related trip, I hope that this hotel is no longer on the Preferred list. There is a saying in India that means- 'What you lose with a drop, you cannot make up with a tank.'It seems like they went overboard to make up for the first mess ups- You may have actually forgotten/ forgiven the chicken and TV not working, but the constant badgering is what has kept the" Memory" alive. So-Lesson learnt? Do it right; If not, fix it; but don't try to embellish it.

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