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August 18, 2011



This story was great. It was an excellent reminder to always treat every one with respect, even when our daily lives seem hectic. There is always enough time to say "thank you."

From penang

thanks again for the sharing Anand….another good story… hope u hv a good Friday and weekend.


BTW, it may have been helpful to your readers translating “Khushi Khuda ko bhi pyari hai” = {Even} God loves our praise, recognition and appreciation of him! (Well, so people think as it reflect in prayers/bhajans/Devotional songs they sing in temps and churches!)


Wonderful reminder. Thank you for sharing these stories.

JR (Korea)

this is very true  thanks for sharing as always


Very nice reflection today. I agree with all of it. In this rush world, the first thing usually dropped is courtesy.

Bon Bon

One of my ‘joy buddies’ has a blog that I like to recommend. She has lots of emotions and ideas to share.

Her recent article on Regrets of the Dying struck a chord, as recent news from friends and family made this eerily timely.

Her weekly reflections are on Thursdays and yours on Fridays - a great way to enter the weekend…



I want to appreciate you as a rare manager who is always willing to appreciate his reports - even for, basically, routine work


Growing up, I read a phrase somewhere which said " Whenever you give love, it comes right back". I have seen it work repeatedly both at office and outside.


Thanks Anand for sharing this uplifting anecdote of Karma at work.


This point was well portrayed in a Bollywood movie: "Munnabhai MBBS". It was a hilarious movie, but had several poignant moments. One of those was, when a Janitor yells at the hero, for walking over a freshly mopped wet floor. "munna" recognises the frustration behind that yell, tells the janitor how everyone thanks the Drs and Nurses, but do not notice the ones who work to keep the hospital clean.. and gives the Janitor a " hug". However, woe betide if you try to recognize your manager- for awesome coverage during your absence, or for sharing the workload during a stressful time. I wanted to give a goodie drawer to my Manager a couple years ago, and was told that it would be construed as a bribe.. Eventually I brought back a token gift from my next trip. So, as in your 1993 story, I can appreciate some random person for a job well done, but not my own manager. Is that weird? So now, I just vocalise my appreciation, in public along with the comment" No- I am not buttering him up" :)


thanks for sharing, good reminder to all managers

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