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January 27, 2011


California Guy

This is a challenge for parents. How to guide children to become happy (learning for the present and future to avoid being trapped in the past) and independent (protect without being suffocating) adults.

A friend from Malaysia

Thank you for sharing this. I especially like this statement:

You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.

As I was in the pre-marital counseling session, my teacher taught us about the importance of raising our children in a high standard manner. We eventually are the ones who shape our next generation as they learn, listen and take advice from us. In this statement, the archer represents parents and the arrows represents children. It takes time and lots of effort to be trained as an archery to hold the bow and ensure the arrows can shoot as far as possible and still hitting the target that he aims. Once the arrows are sent forth, they will not come back to us!

I have no kids yet, no experience to raise one. To train a 2 year old child with the end in mind of he is old enough to take care of himself by then and be a man that can contribute much to the community, living a life with integrity and moral – kind of tough 

Have a nice weekend.

East Coast

There is much wisdom in that John Lennon quote. My favorite essay on Happiness is by Maximilian Kolbe and how everything every human does is to bring them happiness, but finite things are, by definition, limited and so our happiness is only temporary.

It has snowed terribly back here again this week and has created such a emotional depressing situation. Look at the snow on my roof. I am having it shoveled off today. 60 inches in just a four weeks when our average for the year is only 46. What a mess.

a friend From Arizona

The passage from Gibran about children come through us, not from us, is something I kept in front of me when I was raising my children. Now they are grown and my two boys of children of their own. I passed this on to them this morning. Thanks so much. Hope everything is going well for you.


In the case of my son, it took me ~25 years to get the point


This is indeed a tough job for parents, for them to become loving but independent, responsible but kind-hearted. In this age of laptops, iPads, iPods, and all other's becoming more challenging because we have so many temptations around.


how many parents know by heart and mind their responsibility in raising God-fearing, peace-loving and law-abiding citizens? Parenting is a skill..Parenthood is a challenging stage in life.


Is parenting a "stage" in life? Once a parent, always a parent. Even the death of a child does not end one being a parent; the relationship has ended for the one who dies but goes on for the one who continues to live -- in this sad analogy: the parent. Too many parents raise God-fearing children. Can we not raise them to know God is love -- the One who loves us when we cannot love ourselves? Of course, this does not negate our responsibility to help them learn God is the one true living god who does chastize us. Yes, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

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