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October 14, 2010


Chou J

Despite thier big salaries and bonuses, how they treated matter to the players, seems more so. Something to learn.


"and some was willing to take pay cuts to play there"

Yes, I have done that. Having a good boss and a good organization is sooooo.... good for mental health and happy home life. Thanks for sharing


Eddie would say, I'll give you guys everything you want. You're going to have the best hotels, the best planes to travel on. You're going to go a day early to the East Coast. All I want is for you to do is win championships. Eddie was like that 12th man. He loved football, loved his players even more, and he wanted to win. And, man, did the 49ers win under Eddie DeBartolo. Five Super Bowls in 12 years."

Friend from Penang

AS far as the profound message from your teacher and last week reflection:
Thanks for sharing. How goes both ways.........some tough or unreasonable bosses also became friends finally..........that what life can be..........


If this ( a note from your teacher) is the compliment you received from sharing your experiences with first 15 bosses, I wonder about the remaining 20?

Longtime Fan from London

What an achievement and how satisfied and proud you must feel. One believes, being a responsible parent, to bring up your children in the best possible way, be a good human being yourself, was the most satisfying feeling in life. You have achieved that and much much more. Undoubtedly your stories through Friday Reflection proves that, with all the comments written by so many fans all over the world. I am sure this must provide a huge inspiration to your children too which we have seen in few articles written by your son.
Congratulations and keep it coming


Both stories are so appropriate for Bosses Day.


we can all see what happened to 49ers after bin counters took over. Zero SuperBall and no playoffs. Same things happened to some great companies and they still do not understand why....


There is and old saying which goes" Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are". I think the same goes for one's role models. Thanks Anand for sharing the people who inspire you as that teaches a lot about what values to hold dearly in life!

From Mainland China

For the boss FR, I like the ‘own your business’ most.
Although there may be some tips that will suit specific individual boss, you have to be yourself.
Then no matter which boss you have, generally you can work well with them.
So the only way to do it well is own your business, then you could be passionate, responsible, careful and etc.
It is all about learn how to be a good person before how to do a job well.

For the great people and great org, I agree with that.
Money is not the only thing people work for, and there are other things like happiness one cannot buy with money.

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