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October 08, 2010



"Actually I never changed my style. And it has worked most of the time. I got fired only ONCE."

Consider yourself one lucky fellow. That is all I have to say.


From your story it seems that in old days there were more personal connections than now. With the advances in technology, we have gotten busier connecting to emails/net and have lesser time to connect with people.

Thank You for touching story.


This is no brainer. Average: Boss every eight months. Why would you want to change your style when you outlast the bosses? Smart choice.


There are some very good lessons here. especially #1 to #4 and #10.


Does your count include matrix bosses or were they all direct?

Your X

It is Dangerous to be your boss. (:-

Thanks for the memories. I thought that you would never learn but you proved me wrong. After all these years, you still remember the lesson.

Longtime reader

This wisdom could take someone a lifetime to learn (if ever) without the benefit of such great mentors and teachers. Thank you for sharing it

Note from a friend and a teacher

Thank you so very much for sharing this Friday Reflection with us. How inspiring!!! I was moved by your generous acknowledgment of each of these terrific bosses and the life lessons each of them had to offer you. Thanks for passing them on. While each of these people are impressive human beings, for sure, I hope that you recognize that you "created, promoted, or allowed" them to have this impact on you. It was who you were being that attracted each of them to you in special ways so that you could learn from them, and I would suspect., they from you.

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