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September 02, 2010



Nice and inspiring stories! Thanks for the sharing!

Great Wall (friend from China)

Anand, I really like this one. We sometimes are refrain from taking necessary risks to get to next level. Is that why some company is stagnating for so long? Thanks Anand for keeping writing for us. How are you and how is Neil?

Right on the Mark

This was so appropriate for me this morning, Thank you. Have a great weekend.

CEO in making

Excellent and right timing!

Note from a reader (SJ) Posted by Anand

When I was an undergraduate, I knew a guy call Tim Martin pretty well. Though he studied Law & I studied EE, he and I both played for the University rugby team for a number of years together. On the day he received his Law degree, he was in a pub with a few friends and, instead of being happy, he appeared miserable. When his brother (also in the University rugby team) asked him why he wasn’t happy, he said he didn’t want to be a lawyer. “Well what do you want to do?” his brother asked. “I want to buy and manage this pub” he said. Thirty plus years on, he owns a few pubs (>700, to be precise): OR OR


For me taking risks is another way for lifelong learning. Typically when I know something very well, then I do not need to learn. When I am uncertain about something, it motivates me to start learning something new in order to be successful.

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