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September 23, 2010



A person who is nice to a customer but not to a supplier is???


Hmm!. this is a different way of looking at relationships.


Anyone treats people differently needs a multi-core mind while the one treats everyone the same just need a single core mind, leaving other cores to do something else.


This is a fresh perspective. If I remember this, I will never negotiate my supplier to the ground- "thinking- I am doing it for my company l"
I would think twice before saying harsh things to a 16 year old who is "acting up"- because I will remember that I have a parental image to build and keep.

On the flip side- A sales person should be genuine. The attitude of "doing what it takes" to get a foot in the door , should not encourage non sincerety. Trust is paramount to any relationship. So if you have trust, you can get away with saying a thing or two that is not "nice". So- Genuine? Nice? or genuinely nice with a pinch of being mean ?:)

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