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September 09, 2010



Every life has a story. Write your own as the author says.


Susan Boyle teaches us an age old lesson: not to let other people's view cloud your own view of self worth. She did not get discouraged with comments about her appearance or clothes. she believed in herself.
Good reminder. thanks


Ms. Boyle story and your personal Reflection very inspiring.You are true that Doubt is a dangerous adversary.
It stops risk taking.
Thank You for very good story every week. I share with my friends.

micro CEO

2 thoughts come to mind in Boyle's story. First it's interesting to see how confident (nervous yet confident) she appears on the televised audition. She may have had doubts but she clearly knew she could sing well AND she knew that her homely appearance would make the impact on audience all the more powerful. In other words, she capitalized on her disadvantage (appearance) and turned it to her advantage (exceeding expectations). This was also the case for Paul Potts (another amazing singer who became a sensation on this show, also despite his homely appearance).

2nd, I have read that any doubts she may have harbored were as much due to her age as her appearance. Now age is one of those self-limiting factors that pressures many to give up saying "I'm just too old for that", or "You can't teach an old dog new tricks". We've been told that only a child can fully master a new language, or all the great mathematics achievements come out of young scholars, etc. While there is certainly some truth to these *on average*, there is nothing to stop us from taking up a new discipline and fully mastering it, whether one is 40 or 50 or 80. (If there are any disadvantages to being older, they are only related to health/constitution and available time due to work, family, and other worldly responsibilites that weigh heavier on us as we age. ) There are many successful cases of atheletes, musicians, and scientists who started late and still had great results. I hope I can continue to challenge my boundaries through my 80s and 90s.
To paraphrase from a favorite move, Gattaca, "There is no gene for the human spirit".


As the judges had mentioned in the audition, this video and the reflection was a 'Wake-up call' for me too. Thank you for yet another wonderful article. I also thank CEO for his excellent comment as that comment is another article by itself.

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