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September 30, 2010



Happy anniversary. It is a small world after all. And at the end, the world is you, and you are the world.


Yes, it is a small world after all.....and one can be contacted any time, any where.


I love this! Happy Anniversary to you and your friend!

And I now have "It's a Small World" stuck in my head... it's going to be a good day!

Your Penang Friend since 1984

Happy anniversary!! With a wink of the eye, 40 years have passed by........Have a great one.........

Ben & Levi

Happy Anniversary to you and Luisa !


Mabuhay and happy anniversary! Your family is indeed a good example of globalization.

While the world is getting smaller (figuratively), innovation and technology offer us exciting possibilities and opportunities. Just recently, the first habitable exoplanet tagged as Gliese 581g was discovered. Imagine if Facebook conquered that territory. Really exciting! :-) Richard Branson's space travel business can also be a big hit soon!


Anand- Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary, and wishes for many many more . I learnt this song while at St Joseph's H.S in Poona. I have never forgotten the words or the tune. Not because i recognised the message as being profound, but because it seemed so simple and believeble, that it simply stuck! Unfortunately today, given the blantancy of sharing via Face book, Myspace, Twitter etc, the verse " There's so much that we share That it's time we're aware ..." takes on a whole new scary meaning.

Quality Guy

Within just the past 25 years,the speed of communication across the globe has improved tremendously. Text messages used to be by telex and would add several hours to the communications process. Today we get irritated if an email from across the globe takes a few extra seconds to be transmitted. What's next? Its boundless as long as the human mind continues to imagine. Best wishes to you and to your "special penpal" on your aniversary.

Student of Yours

Anand and Luisa,

Happy Anniversary!

The world is indeed very small, knowing both of you and able to be part of your world is an indeed an honour.

Have a wonderful day.


Happy anniversary to you and Luisa. One of my favorite songs and my daughter is learning to play it on the piano


Congratulations on the 40th Anniversary. Wish you many more healthy and happy ones to come.
Warm regards,


Anand and Luisa, 40 years of wonderful and enriched life in many ways. Happy Anniversary to you both. Lots of love

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