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August 05, 2010



Thank you for sharing this reflection. This reminds me of one of my managers during my early days in the current organization. I used to feel in the kind of the position I was in, I could not get any kind of growth in a long run. I always felt that I've hit a glass ceiling. But that manager told me. "Just ask yourself what you would want to improve in this group if you were a free lance operations person. Start working on all those areas that you identify. Your current job role will in no way be a hindrance for that." He just left it at that. But that made a lot of difference. It completely altered my thought process. From the mode of "I can't do X,Y,Z..." I started thinking "I can do A,B,C..." and that made a lot of difference and helped me to grow laterally and in expanding my knowledge base. I heartily thank my ex-manager once again upon reading this reflection.


It is truly a stupendous effort to complete 25 years of Friday Reflections.

I am not sure how many of us would have stuck to the timely submission of "official" weekly reports over 25 years - let alone voluntary efforts like Friday reflections. It shows how much passion you have towards this.

In fact, my suggestion is to include the Friday reflections story as one of the topics for Friday reflections :)


this has always been one of the stories that stuck with me. Thanks for the reminder!


Obviously your passion is the one that has made a difference for someone over 25 years!

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