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July 08, 2010



If hatred answers hatred, when will it ever end?


Wonderful quote from Rumi. So as far as this article, the field you are referring to is our inner self. Correct?

Very deep meaning message. Thank You.


the message is loud and clear: "And perhaps the passing of judgment is actually our own anger and dissatisfaction with ourselves directed at another life? And where the cycle ends is in each of us. It is within that we must turn our attention."

Cindy chew

a good life example story of man kind---the vicious cycle never ends until we learn to forgive, love and move condolences to Sodhi's family


As Gandhi said" An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind." I live in Arizona and knew of the story. It is true that fear, ignorance and judgment are major causes of trouble for the world.
These behaviors are also prevalent in corporate world and creates politics resulting in stressed people and many innocent victims.


Excellent article and thank you verymuch for writing this reflection. I completely agree with KS's comment quoting Gandhi's saying and his note about the corporate world.


Excellent reflection. As Aristotle said "Anyone can become angry. That is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right
degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way... that is not easy".


First I am not sure where the story is leading. I wonder what it has to do the theme of Friday Memos-Working Wisdom you can use.

When I read more and reach the last two sentences, it is clear that this is not a politics article nor it is a news story but using a very sad incident to convey real wisdom I should use in all aspects of my life, home, work and elsewhere.


I have read and like most of you, lived through, too many of these stories. On both sides of this issue, the terrorists flying planes into the twin towers and the terrorist who cowardly fired shots at innocents, the culture we foster/tolerate is partly to blame.
Whether we are at work or at home, our words have more impact than we often acknowledge. We all hear and likely speak words of ignorance; sometimes knowingly and sometimes without understanding. Whether sitting at home complaining of a despicable act by a person(s) different than ourselves or sitting at work speaking to coworkers about a customer, supplier or partner group with degrading words, we too often tolerate and even support ignorance as a culture. Maybe it is simply a human condition. I don't think most people recognize the damage they are doing.
Choose your words carefully and wisely so that your children and coworkers learn that understanding must come before judgment. There are times when judgment is necessary (both of the cases noted) but too often it comes before understanding in our daily lives.


we have a lot to learn from this story and reflection......

We can learn from Buddhism that teaches to let anger go............

California Guy

This reflection triggers memories of the Vietnamese boat people of the late 70's and early 80's. In my school, any child who looked Asian were typically called "boat people" or "FOB" (fresh off the boat) by a few non-Asian children. In hindsight, it is not difficult to imagine that the derogatory name-calling was either a by-product of the inner insecurities within those few children or a direct reflection of the prejudices from their adult role-models.


Great article Rajiv! This story reminded me another incident..Some time back in a communications class, we were asked "what behaviors of others do you not like?". We got 15 answers.. A little later, the same teacher asked 'what behaviors of yours do you not like?". We ended up getting almost exactly the same 15 answers. The moral was that we all make similar mistakes and errors and the best way to communicate is not being judgemental..


Hey.. I just got back from Turkey... a Beautiful country that Rumi comes from... Sufism is a religion of Humanity and Love for Divine... am sure that you would love reading Rumi... His language is simply Divine..

micro CEO

It is a great tragedy that a good man has died by the hands of such a self-righteous fool. Even more shocking that such a fool's hand should be that of a man well-educated enough to be a Boeing aircraft mechanic.

Despite its motto as the world's melting pot, the USA seems to have an entrenched culture of fear, in the mode of McCarthyism and it seems to me that little has changed since the era of Soviet paranoia. Why is this? Why are we unable to achieve peaceful coexistence with ourselves and our neighbors? (I am reminded of this obnoxious yet poignant, short animation video that appeared in Michael Moore's movie "Bowling for Columbine" re the history of America:

America has long been known as a wonderful place for immigrants with ambition and talent and chutzpah to come and get rich. But would anyone really consider it as a welcoming nation for most immigrants in general? Although the prevailing attitude is not unique to USA, immigrants are frequently viewed as either parasites on our taxes, threatening to our job security, or a negative influence on safety, crime, and property values. We put yellow ribbon stickers on cars, feature American flags prominently everywhere. These are well intentioned, yet such patriotic symbols can also carry the dangerous scent of blind faith, once grounded in true principles but now degraded to mere ritual, and used as reason to punish anyone who does not subscribe, and even sometimes those who do.

America's history is littered with awful misdeeds inflicted by our ourselves, both domestically and abroad: against Native Americans, against people with darker-skinned complexions, against Japanese and other Asians, against Jews, against Mexicans.... Many such tragedies are easily forgotten or worse, glossed over as a necessary evil, unavoidable at the time. The implication is that today we are different. Yet, if we wish others to believe this about us, we must demonstrate it by our actions. We must exercise compassion, not instigate violence, wars, and hate.

I have often encountered those who might say in their jaded way, I have heard in the news about this murder, or this war, or this case of injustice, but I am busy in my life and I do not know these victims, and I do not care to know about such things. Is this not the greatest crime, not to care? When we cease to care, we cease to be human.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.”
-Eli Wiesel


More from Alka: and i also went to the Shrine of Rumi at Konya... You must read Rumi... go online and check some sites... read His works.. In Sufism the God that Rumi addresses is a female... and the wine that they talk of is devotion that is drunk with the Love of God.. so the sufi is a male and the God is female.. and hence such beautiful poetry.. you can actually come to your own interpretation of Rumi's poetry.. ie you can identify with your soul, God , or your beloved.. that is why Rumi was called a mystic.. and Sufism mystical... it is an answer to whatever you want to believe !

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