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July 22, 2010



Good sharing on the 9 points of habitual negative thought. I found that it is very relevant to describe my feeling during my day-to-day activities either at workplace or home. Internal mind conflict management is crucial to ensure we stay on course to the happy life.


Awe-inspiring reflection. Those 9 points are quite remarkable. It reminds me of my life 13 years ago. When I moved into this silicon valley cum cosmo city about 13 years back, as a girl from a place which was a half-town and half-village, I had tough time fighting these 9 points. The BKM is talk-to-yourself. I literally mean talking aloud to our ownself. That really helped fighting down these 9 points and I've shared it in many of the sessions including the recent strength finders session that I attended as a team building activity.


We become what we think about! -Earl Nightingale
This is so true and this article has some great points. You know, sometimes we are our own worst enemies. But, we can also our own best allies. And it all starts with a simple thought: believe in yourself! You are a wonderful creature in this world and no one else is like you. Possibilities lie ahead you. You just need to think you can ... and you will!
Great story!!


This was a good one... liked the points..


Very true. Control your thoughts. 🙏

Shardamandir Friend

True I always think of Possitive
જે થાય એ સારા માટે (whatever happens it happens for some good reason)
This is my point


Me too. I am always a positive thinker. It takes a lot of personal determination to be an optimist even in a bad situation. Thanks Anand.


I would like the positive..


👌👌વાહ વાહ સરસ રીતે વાત રજૂ કરી છે. (Beautifully presented story)

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