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June 03, 2010



Actually there is a third choice:Die.

micro CEO

I remember watching and being quite impressed by this film and it's clever opening hypothesis about life in LA being so lonely that perhaps some traffic accidents could be ascribed to the human need for social "contact". Such original and innovative films are a validation of the ability of small "Davids" to persevere and succeed against Industry "Goliaths".
In the arts and sciences, it seems that some of the greats are never fully appreciated until after their passing. Van Gogh certainly falls in this category. J.S. Bach as well... In maths there was Ramanujan. In physics there was Boltzmann.

All this said, one must have heroic portions of hope, stamina, confidence, and passion to persevere through all of this adversity, suffering, and tragedy. Where do they find such deep wells of energy?


Bobby Moresco's story is indeed inspirational. The question I wonder if this type of ending can happen to every life story with passion and persistence?
That is my dilemma..


Good story; It seems as you have passed the FR flag on to Jr. (Rajiv), as now three weeks in the row I see the article from him. Not that this is an issue, he is doing very good.Keep it up dude!


Looks like you have found a successor on FR and retired yourself. Rajiv has put in a nice personal touch with stories outside of the hardcore engineers mind like you and I.

Urmila Guliani

The story of Bob Morasco is indeed very inspiring. Is there a video clip to go with it? I would like to share it with teachers and students.



Here is Bobby's interview at Cinequest that is amazingly inspirational very educational. Worth sharing with others.


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