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May 06, 2010



This is a good article, I totally agree that positivity works the same way, the more you put out and the more will come back.

I start to practice yoga at home every night, not too much or too professional, but the importance is to get start, take the first step and be consistency, also I started to reading some book every day, although there is no too much time for reading like when in school, but I still can find some time after work, such 15 minutes and 30 minutes will be accumulated and I got something learned from the books.

Take care. J

Student of Yours

GREAT one - I like this! It's all about dream and go for IT! You wont have many chance in your life.....voice from the opposite of fear.

As quoted by Paulo Coelho-"If you have a dream, the universe will conspire to help you achieve your dream"


So true but so difficult to follow. There is so much Fear injected in us from childhood.
Thanks for sending good thoughts m

micro CEO

Very well put. (Actually, the poem quoted is not by Apollinaire, as Wikiquote attests.)

This essay is a wonderful invitation to adventure and trying new things. Thank you for this reminder to take risks sometimes. I think we need a constant reminder. As the title of a famous play goes, "You can't take it with you".


1st of all, yap, apple don’t fall too far from its tree! He is your kid alright. Good job Rajiv in this week reflection.

As Rajiv said “….choice will be yours whether you give in to it.” I too believe as Rajiv said, and have experienced in life so far that, you do get what you ask for. If you keep being negative and only think of what’s not possible, then that not-possible is what end-up happening. When in oppose, if you are being positive and ask for it and strive for it, you will get those positive outcomes.


FDR's address to the nation in 1932; during the great depression.
So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory.


The other day a senior executive who had taken charge of new department was sharing his observations. He said that many people are afraid to try new idea. they keep imagining all kinds of things that could go wrong. Instead if they spent just a little time thinking what would it take to get it right and just try it, they would go a long way.


Excellent article. Once we realize this little voice which prevents us from change, can be overcome.. there is literally no limits to where we can fly!


Your weekly messages are very good .. thank you for sending these.


Tek Takahashi

Remember scene from movie Coming to America. Eddie Murphy propose to the girl in train with passenger watching. She is afaid and not answering.
A lady passenger in train tell her "take chance baby. Just Say YES.

California Guy

This reflection reminds me of a speech titled "Crisis of Confidence" delivered in 1979 by Jimmy Carter, former USA president. Many concepts in that speech are still very much relevant today: Voices of the Nation, Energy, Wall Street, Leadership vs. Politics-as-Usual, Erosion of Confidence, Face the Truth, Stop Crying and Start Sweating, etc.

The speech can be found at


Fear of failure is one's greatest enemy. Lack of failures means one has not tried hard enough.

Madhuri Narkhede

I share several of the FR stories/quotes with my sons. Much as I like this one- I may not. The 15 yr old always tells me I am too scared to let him go. He thinks he is the voice of possibility and mine the voice of fear. And "do what you have always wanted to do?-That to him is getting an "Aum" tattoo! I am constantly told that he is an outstanding soccer player. So any thoughts on how I can change the Tattoo dream to "playing for Notre dame " dream? :)


Good article by Rajiv..It was timely today as we were talking about change in the OBT class and the fear in our mind is the most significant issue


Thank you….I understand the meaning and you have been telling me this since last December….it is really a tough decision as you stated. Hope we will chat more

From a friend

I love these quotes. Thanks for sending me.

lee cassam

I do love all your quotes and stories i am very fortunate to have met you i share these with my sons and lots of friend and younger folks this is a important thing we can do is share our stories always a pleasure

RV Rajan

This is true..however, how do we get out from fear for someone whom had been in that situation for a long time. The fear portion might be even considered as "Comfort Zone" for someone whom had not tried to come out.


I always enjoy your postings. Gives me a reason to pause, to think, to reflect and being Irish, to have guilt.


beautiful! I like this …we need to conquer our own fear and …start small…we will eventually fly


Fear will continue to be around us whether we like it or not. It is up to us to develop that strength and will power to push fear aside and jump off that cliff, plunging into that world of changes and unknown. It is to have the guts to ask for the things you want rather than sit and wait for that opportunity to arise.

Fear gets to us. But I believe the human mind is greater than anything. If only we have better control over our mind.

*note to self* :)

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