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March 11, 2010



loved this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks. This one feels especially appropriate to the wonderful situation I find myself in


true...follow your heart and all other things will follow...


A great story on Friday giving me something to think about during the weekend.

Mike Goodner

Not only is passion important for doing what you do well, but it takes strength and courage to recognize when you aren't following you passion and to take action to fix it!

friends around the world

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2, One element of this story is about having some margin in your life. A very good friend sent me a book called "margin" and it really showed how to be conscious about growth focus as it reduces your margin

Here is the link for the book


This is typical case of misalignment between businessman and Jimmy. Businessman initially thinking of bringing up Jimmy's core, working on this and then expanding his core which Jimmy is not ready for that.


Thank you for the reminder. This is a timely reality check.

A friend

Did you hear my heart today? I had mentioned to a colleague that while my service level has not changed for the job, my passion has. I struggle to find inspiration from today's leaders.
It is hard to see something you care about deteriorate, but I am trying to get past that and realize, even though I don’t like how things are going right now, it can come out even stronger. I will wait to connect the dots looking backward. Maybe the passion is gone, maybe it will come back, maybe it won’t. That doesn’t change that there is work to be done and the possibility to build it stronger than before. This is my challenge and opportunity to innovate. Thanks for listening.

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