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March 18, 2010


Tony Rother

Interesting perspective! Next time I'm in a terrible meeting I'll console myself that we're doing our bit for the recovery.

In all seriousness ...

On one hand, a good engineer will speak up when they see problems and challenge things to make them better. It would be tougher if everyone resigned themselves to "It's not my problem"

On the other hand, it sure is irritating when people get into pointless arguments or distractions just because they want to try and show how much smarter or better they are than another person, and there is no productive result at the end.


I think your title should have been: If engineers can agree on anything, we wouldn't need so many of them. (:-


right now US ecomomy in deep trouble. more disagreements and more meetings are necessity to save the jobs.
Good note. Using reverse approach and humor author provoking thoughts for readers.


Ramesh: it should be said: If engineers could agree on everything, we wouldn't need any of them :-)

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