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February 18, 2010



I've met plenty of people who have no qualms about undermining people (or institutions) if they calculate they can get ahead.

They just need to remember, there are plenty more in line behind them figuring out where to put their knife in too, and no-one is going to be coming to their rescue.


I assume the point is not blind loyalty but more so of having enough integrity to tell your boss or institutions if you disagree. Also if something illegal or immoral is going on, then it is OK to report to appropriate authorities.

Beyond above two considerations, the article is right on. Thanks

Andy Wang

Blind loyalty does not work as we saw in "All the President's man" of Richard Nixon time period. However intent of Elbert Hubbard, who was a very wise man, was not talking about blind loyalty.

He is talking about the rogues who have no sense of loyalty towards the company or individuals who they work for, play background games to undermine the boss and institution, only for thier personal interest.

Unfrotunately in modern world, there are such rogues all around.

Loyal Mind

"Loyalty" work both ways. When companies don't need, they throw employees out the doors. There are plenty Opportunist Bosses who do not care for their workers. They care only themselves and get ahead. Once they go high level, they turn their face on the same worker who work so hard to make them and company successful. Have you met anyone like this?

But we must look at the other side. Many good bosses and company and workers love them, respect them and will do anything for them.

Two sides of coin. We must think of both types for "Loyalty"

Rajal Shah

Trust is built with loyalty.. If there is no trust between your employer/manager then a decision is treated as a motive and a request is treated as a demand..

Loyalty is a rare commodity as folks either use that to cozy up to people or change tunes with circumstances. The author is reflecting the honest attempt to do the work you're hired for sincerely and with a single focus. You will have enough time to reflect on it when you're done working in that place.


Agree that trust is built with loyalty...I've seen several bosses who don't care about their subordinates career; as long as they go up the ladder that's all that matters...unfortunately with the expense of their people. However there are very few good managers who deserve due respect and loyalty. Just need to discern which is which.....

micro CEO

I have observed some people sometimes mistakenly believe that they can gain respect from managers and leaders above them by openly criticizing the strategy or leadership in any group forum. They may think, "I will show my bosses that I am not a Yes-man; I will show them that I can think analytically and identify weaknesses. Then my expertise will be recognized and respected."

However, they may fail to realize that no one likes to be openly attacked or criticized, especially in front of peers or colleagues. In trying to assert one's ego, one must be careful of the feelings and efforts of the management. Such criticism can be valuable, but it could backfire if presented in a manner that does not pay respect to colleagues and managers who will hear it.


To add to excellent comments from micro CEO

There are 4 key elements in EI #1. Self awareness #2. Self Management #3. Social Awareness # 4. Relationship management .
The behavior described below should score Low in #2 , #3, #4 elements.
Then based on research on EI & Leadership, this individual will need more coaching or some form of therapy to be an effective leader
or this individual will continue to manage by intimidation & bullying. (Spouse abuser and emotional terrorist display this behavior too)


Love for work- it doesn't mean we blindly follow and we don't have complaints -- there will always be a time when we reconsider staying in a company for various reasons either personally or directly related to work. We just have to know how to talk openly to our supervisors and give suggestions respectfully to create harmony in the work place. If you loose the love and passion for the work,(and you feel the need to condemn that institution), no problem... move on to another job or company... then as Mr. Hubbard says, If you must vilify, condemn and eternally disparage, why, resign your position, and then when you are outside, damn to your heart's content." Then you live with that small tiny weenie ounce of dignity left in you.

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