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January 14, 2010



Hillariouis movie that presents real life idiots that are all arouund us including the man in the mirror across us.

Dennis Shen

Does movie have subtitles? I see it is shown in theatres in my locality


I think this post is very true. It's important in life for people to find their passion and allow themselves to grow and learn from their experiences.

alka pandya

what a fantastic film....we were in splits and roaring with laughter... after a long wait for a good film release one could sit through a three hour film without complaining of boredom or backache...


"...if you pursue excellence, success is bound to follow." Unfortunately, my experience has proven otherwise.


YES, Dennis Shen, the movie has English subtitles. You will have fun watching. My 12 year old US born son, who does not speak/read Hindi, and still enjoyed it when we show it in India over x-mas holidays. Yes, he said subtitles sure would have help - and so he want to see it again with subtitles, now that we are back in BayArea. Go see the movie it funny yet though provoking as Sam pointed out in his reflection blog, you will enjoy it. It will be on available from Netflix too in couple of months.

Average Joe

You hit it right on the nail "Striving for success vs focusing on excellence." This is what parents and school system does; so much hype of the grades that students focus on methods to get grades than learn. Creative ideas become risky because 1 point difference gets a different. Unfortunately this behavior becomes so ingrained in students that when they face real life they are afraid to take risks, and miss opportunities to do their personal best.
Then they wonder, why an average (but street smart) guy in school goes on to become their leader.

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Peter Joseph III

Wow I just found this place and I LOVE it already, this is already my fourth reply in 30mins with my first being Albert Einsteins quote about "not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts" =) Now after reading the excerpt for this movie and all your guys's great reviews, I am gonna have to watch this movie =D

P.S. I am getting a very strong positive vibe from this website, Im gonna share it with my best friend...The funny thing is her and I just had dinner tonight and couldnt stop talking about spirituality and God and positivity, man i sound like a square LOL I LOVE IT!! =D


The root cause of the problem is the system and behavior of most people. What do you ask kids when they come home with a report card?
How do you measure your people at work?

It takes a lot of strong will for people like Rancho in your story.

Excellent story Samuel. Thanks


Here are some Ranchos from the modern days


Thanks everybody for sharing your perspectives. Knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

micro CEO

Sounds like an interesting movie. I will look for it in DVD when available. To Rajan: Great list of entrepreneurs!


In business practice, those who are with average IQ but street smart usually become the top bosses, it means now a days Emotional Quotient or EQ is much more important than IQ. I will watch the movie once it's available in our country.

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There is no doubt that happiness is the most precious thing in the world. Without it, life will be empty and meaningless. happiness consists in contentment. A man who is dissatisfied with his present condition is always in distress.

online bollywood movies

You& enjoy watching. My 12 year old son who does not speak American Reading / Hindi, and yet he enjoyed when we show it in India during x-mas vacation. Yes, you help the sub-titles - and he wants to see with subtitles, we are now back in Bayar

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