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September 22, 2009



Two ways to make millions. Rip off people for #500 then a
pay $10 in fine. Serve 3 years in special Jail for rich which is like a mini resort. Then return and write a book and make another million.

That is the way of the world now.

Make it right

When the system works like this ... it just doesn't work. Instead of demotivating, it makes delinquents see that the punishment is much less than it should be. And they can take the "risk". When will we learn?

micro CEO

(Sorry if this sounds like a sermon. It's not my intention to appear haughty, and I have no illusions about my own emotions...)

No use to harp on the evils of others and what punishment should or should not be fitting for them. (Perhaps it's unavoidable and understandable if we are the direct victim, but even so it's a useless excercise that generally adds no value.) This is along the line of the Buddhist principle of the wheel of fate. What goes around, comes around, if not in this life then perhaps in the next...

Better to focus on what we can control and improve... ourselves. (I know, I know: easier said than done!)

Plus, remember not to buy the book written by such a jerk, even if it is a best seller. That's a conscious choice, right?

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