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August 18, 2009



Yep. If you don't stand up for yourself, you will get pushed around. Bullys are everywhere looking for opportunities.

California Guy

It's not just bullies...If discipline (or any other value) is relaxed in any environment on a consistent basis, then lack of discipline becomes the norm.

Example with children: If a parent chooses to allow their child to negotiate on every little thing (bedtime, playtime, TV time), then it becomes harder to enforce discipline for non-negotiable items (keep car seat belt buckled, leave a party to go home).

Example with competitiveness: If a group of people (e.g. company, country) stop doing the things (tangible and intangible) that made them successful, then they enter a new norm that could eventually accelerate their decline.


This is very relevant to my situation right now where my company is pushing me around having made many empty promises for the past several months, I have realized they're probably not going to honor those promises. Why? Because I have done what they have wanted without being given what I want.

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