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May 21, 2009



This is a great one, although the version I heard was attributed to Socrates. "He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have."

Cardinal rule for job-seekers: never, ever, under any circumstances, whine about former employers. I'm sure questions like this are deliberately dropped in to test for attitude.

One urban legend is about an applicant who was dumping on the culture, quality of employee and work ethic of a former employer in an interview ... when one of the panel interrupted to say they used to work there (as a director in another division). The interviewee should probably have just asked for his or her coat right then and there, because the interview was over.


Others are mere reflection of one's self. What one loves or hates about others is what one loves or hates about one's self.


Very time appropriate


Not only did I enjoy reading the post, but also the comments. Good stuff.

Mark Dennen

We are all called to set an example for others to follow, to be a candle in a sea of darkness, to draw others to the light so they may be encouraged to be a better person. Imagine what it was like for the early missionaries and they didn't have the luxury of going home at 5:00.


East Coast

I recall speaking to a lead flight attendant on Northwest. She was perhaps 50+, had seen it all in her career, and told me the story of a young flight attendant and her complaints about the flying public. The young woman said as soon as possible, she was going to get a “real job” working in an office and not continue to be “up here” flying around with all these jerks. The Lead said, “Do you think these people just fly around in the sky all day? These are the people with whom you are going to be working. ”


The story below reminds me of that saying “When you think the problem is out there, that is the problem.”

Thanks for sharing these


Is there a simile to the following???

Your attitude determines the altitude of happiness / success!!


Great reminder to always stay on the bright side! this is about not only work attitude but also life attitude, and it actually affects our feeling of how happy our work and life is.


Simple story with strong message

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