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May 12, 2009



Once upon a time, a form of speculation marketed to the "common people" was this: they could put down money to fund someone else's sea adventures, for a promised share in any spoils when (if) a ship would return. People that did this would often be found standing by the docks waiting for their ship to arrive and solve all their financial problems ...


The old joke goes - A pious, good man is in desperate straights. He needs money to pay off his debts and save his family from eviction. Every Friday before bed, he would pray to God to win the lottery. Each Saturday he would wake up to learn that once again he hadn't won. The final night before he is being evicted, in his prayer the man screams out, "God, why have you forsaken me!". A booming voice from the heavens responds - "Meet me halfway, would you, and at least buy a ticket!?"

Rerto Jordans

The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!

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