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May 28, 2009



Sad but true - the example in #3 has become an all-too-common cliche in Europe regarding visitors from a certain country.

I'm sure it probably did happen a lot once upon a time, especially when travel was less frequent and theme parks were the only frame of reference for world cultures.

However, I think it's gotten to the point where the cliche remains but the reality has changed. They aren't crediting the vast majority of these visitors nearly enough for having a little bit of savvy and common sense.

micro CEO

I think a lot of our experiences of "went there but never actually been there" (both what we observe in others and what we do ourselves) comes right down to the basic fear of being outside of our comfort zone.

I'm reminded of my young student days at the school dance. I was shy and reluctant to ask girls for a dance. So I typically ended up as a wallflower. (Studying abroad during university was the all-powerful influence that forced me to do better.)

It's really easy to visit a foreign region or country and end up eating at McDonalds (because we know it, because we don't speak the language, because we think we won't like strange local ingredients, because we are tired, etc.... there are a million excuses we can make.)

The best way to prevent that from happening is to plan ahead, read guidebooks, ask local people for advice, and most importantly psych ourselves up to try a new challenge and take some risks.

--'I see!" said the blindman, as he picked up the hammer and saw...

Man from Malay

Let me be honest. We Malay boys look for Malaysian food as soon as we arrive US. Don't blame us for that.

Yes We have been to US but we have not been to American Restaraunt.

ronak shodhan

Well, let us stretch this a bit further... we all have come to the earth... and one day we all will leave for our original stay wherever it may be... when we go there, God will tell most of us - especially some of the most materially successful of us, who have literally squandered the natural resources and trampled up on people's emotions and feelings in order to get ahead ... well, son, you went to the earth, but you have not been to the earth!!

The point I am trying to make is that we forget most of the time that life itself is a journey and not a final destination... we get involved in trivial stuff of making money, showing off our stature and trying to feel great with so called big in our mind but in TRUE sense trivial or meaningless accomplishments...

we indeed forget the real reason for being on this earth... to preserve, protect, praise and peruse the beauty of the nature, to add life to each breath we take... to spread happiness, to reach out to those less fortunate and there are many... and to expand our hearts with so much love and care that it becomes bigger than the whole universe combined....

so I leave with a thought and a question to all who read this.. Frankly speaking, please ask yourself, God sent you to the earth.... but have you really BEEN THERE???? Please share with us your honest views in this regard!!

and a follow up question and remark... you are still here on the earth.... you still have the chance to change your status from "went" to "been"!! Are you going to take that chance and turn around your status??? If yes, please share your views...

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