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May 26, 2009


micro CEO

What kinds of industries are skilled at playing this game with us? Ah yes, insurance companies and credit card companies. Hence we should always read the fine print. :-)


Exactly right Micro CEO. Don't leave any loose ends when it comes to your safety and well being. Clarify.


Watergate. Iran Contra, Libby. Name it. It happens every day in political circles. Some higher up ask subordiates to do something unethical, sometimes illegal. one carries out the orders, believing he will be taken care of in case it gets caught.

Good Luck, my dear. if something goes wrong, you are on your own.


A good look before you leap story I saw this morning: (My $3.3M mistake)

Bania Boy from India

This is an old Bania (Merchants) story from the province of Gujarat in India. The ancient Bania method of teaching young ones was through real life practical lessons.
A father is telling his son to jump from the wall. The kid says, "Dad, I am scared." Father says "What are you scared of? Your whole big Dad is waiting here." Kid jumps. Father withdraws. Kid falls and cries. Tells father "You did not protect me by catching me."

Father Says " Lesson # X for life. Don't Assume. Ask details and clarify before putting yourself at Risk in any endeavor. Don't put blind trust in anyone even if he is your own father"


Time I worry most is when I ask a clarifying question and I am told "Don't worry about it. Just DO IT."

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