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May 14, 2009



It sure does. Improve Efficiency in learning and productivity for work tasks.


Mark Twain, saying: "It's better to be quiet and let people think you're a fool than to open your mouth and leave no doubt. ...


This is an example of a tool or a system in wrong (untrained and immature) hands can do a lot of damage where as in right hands can do a lot of good.

I have experienced the system mentioned in this memo. My opinion, constructive confrontation was taken as a License by many (not just some as mentioned here) to intimadate and humiliate colleagues and junior people. Relatively there were only a few who used the system for good benefits.

There are lot better systems now to bring out the best in a person or job.


Argument does not mean you had to always have to argue to win. If you really want to do things your way, then don't bother pretening to ask others for their opinions.

I've seen a manager that would present an idea and ask people for their opinions and ideas on solving a particular problem. However, when people mention of an idea that conflicts with his idea, he would just had to argue to win. In the end, it was always his way or the highway. As a result, many people thought he has a poor listening skill. This opinion showed up on the management survys that he always scores low on listening to others. There were times the manager would mention he couldn't understand why he always score low on listening to others since he always ask for other opinions. I doubt anyone would take the extra effort to point out why because they'd just get argued down why he is listening to others and people just couldn't understand him.

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