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April 16, 2009


Jerry M

About ridiculing opponents: Our former CEO was very well known for taking cheap shots at opponents in Public. His favorite target was Bill Gates. At one time he even took a shot at Bill's pregnant wife. Immature. Guess what? We, the pioneer in Client Server workspace and at one time leader in that field, are up for SALE.
For a few dollars. Microsoft is still around and let their performance do the talking.

Have any Jobs?


My company would benefit a great deal if some persons follow Rule #13.


If Dusty had not handed away the game ball to Russ Ortiz, Giants could have been wearing a world series ring today. Big Mistake that fired up Angels to kick *ss.


Actually It ain't over till it is over quote applies to businesses too. think about it.

FR team (sent by two friends )

#5: (Slight correction) Don’t “assume”, because when you do, you make an “ass” out of “you” & “me”!

Unfortunately (I’m embarrassed to say), the first time I heard it was on the “Benny Hill Show” many years ago!!! SJ

PS I have quoted Vijay Merchant (a.k.a Vijay Madhavji Thakersey) on a number of occasions since you told me it!

Feedback from #2:
It is double blessing for those who give and those who receive knowledge and advice. Personally, a rewarding and priceless experience to make a difference in someone's career as a result of mentoring exercise. CL

andy shubert

#3 Which groups did JZ have in mind when he referred to "Corporate Support Groups?"


“People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to Copy.” – Oliver Goldsmith

Mark Dennen

Before I got married, a good (and wiser) friend asked me, "When you are married, what percentage of the time should you willing to fully compromise to your spouse's position during a disagreement?" Thinking I knew where this was going, I said, "51%". He looked and me and said, "100%." He then explained that if you truly love someone, you should always be willing to "give in" because there may be something which precludes your spouse from doing the same.

I have known people who assume if you are willing to compromise, you are weak, confirming their initial position and they should in fact demand even more. Notice how many bad assumptions this person has made and how quickly it can lead to disaster.

When you are considering your position in a negotiation, remember the words of Father Jerry Shovelton, a local Catholic Priest, "A good conscience is the greatest defender; a bad conscience is the greatest tormentor."

BQN Network Hall of Famer

Too many different quotes spring to mind. We (mankind) have made most meaningful advances because we are able to "stand on the shoulder of giants" who went before us and shared their learnings with those that followed, and internet search makes that information and background available to all quickly. But information is not wisdom - "the burnt hand teaches best" and all children fall occasionally while learning to walk. One of the most intriguing take-aways after considering Mark's presentation last night, is the recommendation to explore broadly and be willing to engage and discuss any topic that might serve as an ice breaker and starting point to have a conversation and build a valued relationship. Beyond that - I recommend listening to Boz Luhrman's "Sunscreen" (1999 commencement advice) regularly.

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