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March 31, 2009


Jason Chan

How many times have I seen this before? CEO announcing "Decsion making is #1 item to improve in the corporation" There you go again. The task forces to improve decsion making spring all over the corporation. Normally the people who administer such task forces are the very people who are root cause of poor and slow decisions. They take over, draw people who are working effectively into Task Force under "corporate mandate" slogans. Decisions slow down and then start another process to analyze.


This reminds me of a quote I heard back in time:“If Moses were a committee the Israelites would still be in Egypt”
The point is valid in that sometimes a bold leader needs to make a consultative decision based on the information available vs. getting more data or trying to appease 100% of the people. I see parallels in my company when we went through efficiency improvements and decision making improvement was a key feedback. Sometimes an organization needs to tell people and peripheral groups they DO NOT have veto authority and give senior managers the authority and accountability to make decisions.

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