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March 17, 2009


micro CEO

Only works if everyone else in the meeting is also clueless and no one challenges you on WHY you need the data and WHAT will be the decision once data is available
... (surprisingly often?)

Actually I can think of a very serious example of just how detrimental this can be: Read up on the Challenger Space Shuttle accident, and you will find that there were engineers who were very alarmed on the risk of rubber o-rings bursting under low ambient temperature conditions, and these engineers had plenty of data to show why, and they were very vocal about this information. But NASA bureaucrats could only think about schedule and budget risks, and these guys were waved away. The rest is (infamous) history.

A good book I have read on this topic is Richard P. Feynman's (popular and well-known Nobel prize winning Physicist) account of his own role in the post accident investigation, in his book, "What Do You Care What Other People Think?".


Ask for Benchmarking data, knowing fully well that it is not available. That will buy you time

Data Driven?

We see this a lot.

Engineer needs 2 data points to draw straight line.

Development needs 30 data points to draw trend line.

Marketing only need 1 data point.


This is truly the case that I saw in the meeting.
People who ask questions FOR questions, and often w/o own opinion or the alternative/proposal when speak out question.

It's just annoying and frustrating for presenter.

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