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March 26, 2009



Good one. Implicit is the "instant gratification" malaise, where various tricks are used to continually control short-term results at the expense of the underlying structure, which decays and dies.

This is the root cause that has brought down many empires, companies and people.


You told us in OBT class (two times I attended) about the advice you got from Robert Noyce " If one wants to be success in this industry, be ready to change document before it is dry." These thoughts are on same thinking. THX Winston

Jasmine Perez

Failure to change is Failure to experience your destiny. Right? (:-

Wiseman from far East

Let me give you one simple secret about change. If everyone change as they should or as prescribed by Change Agents, then there would be no Fun, no Efficiency improvement, No Six Sigma, No TQM, No LEAN. do you want me to go on? Realize the consequences? Don't need too many people, no consultants, no motivational speeches, no Friday Reflections (and you are out of business my Buddy) Because things will be as they should be. Current unemployment problem will sky rocket.
Resistance needs more forces to break, more people, more resources more jobs, economy boom.
just to give you some OBT perspective and sanity. (and save your job)


Change is inevitable, except from vending machines in my canteen.


Not all changes are Good. We must differentiate.

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