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February 26, 2009



YES, You must Do in order to Be...Very profound


I can tell you the precise moment my world changed. I got a layoff notice exactly at 2.13 PM on Friday 2/13.


A story of a Muslim boy, rising from poverty to big fortune, in a predominantly Hindu country and winning an Oscar in Post 9/11 America...Wow! what else is need be said?


Resma: The story of Muslim Boy winning the big prize is only the imagination of the script writer. What is real is that the cast was combination of people of many faiths: Muslim(Iffran Khan, Music by AK Rahman), Christian Lead Actress (Freida Pinto) and Hindu/other faiths( Dev Patel etc..) Yes, winning an award in Post 9/11 America is something special.


Thank you Adrien. just to add one more point, as per the original book Q&A by Vikas Swarup, the lead role does not belong to any religion and the character was named Ram Mohammed Thomas. This is just to say when we decide to pursue our dreams, nothing can come between us and the success if we are persistent about going after our dreams.

From a friend from Japan

Sent by a friend from Japan

Man Bites 'Slumdog'
Don't let the movie mislead you: there are no fairy-tale endings for most of India's street kids. I was one of them myself.


I think this story is not about Slumdog. The theme is about people taking Actions for thier Dreams.


I believe the real message in this story is that although it feels good to help and many people do need a 'hand up', it takes personal initiative to shape your own life. If you don't really want a better life and 'Do' something to get it, you will not get it.

California Guy

Yes, you never know where a particular fork in the road will take you.

Had I chosen to attend UCLA versus CAL Berkeley (Go Bears!), I don't think that I would be working for a major Silicon Valley company today. Had I chosen to work in a factory versus a global procurement organization, I don't think that I would have had the opportunity to visit many places in the US, Asia, and Europe. Had I not chosen to explore internal quality audits, I don't think that I would have met some key coaches and mentors that have helped me with my work and personal life.

Yes, you never know where a particular fork in the road will take you.

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