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February 19, 2009



do you send this to our Boss?

From a Friend

Yes, pity people don't always treat people like people


Very touchy and profound story teaching very valuable lesson. Ya, some of your Weston subscriber of the Friday Reflection may not get it or be able to relate to “the profound” part of the story as us from East, but everyone should be able to get the message its conveying


Actions speak louder than words. What the principal taught to the students was more valuable than the knowledge shared in the books. He is showing to the students what true leaders face in this world. Really inspirational.

Ken Yee

As a corollary, how many people know the names of the security guard, or cafeteria worker, or janitor where they currently work? As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US, be thankful for their service, and take the time to wish each of these people a happy holiday by their name.

A Quality Guy


Great reminder to all of us!

My parents taught me how to treat other people respectfully. When I was growing up, we will ‘employ’ poor college students who needed lodging to help in our house while they go to school in the evening. While they were considered house helps, we treated them like family members – sharing our dining table, not asking them to wear uniforms, etc. Once they graduated, they will leave us and we will get another one. Even when we had house helps, our daily tasks were not removed (one of my task was to clean the pig pen every morning before taking a shower and go to school).

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Best regards,


Excellent story… thank you for sharing.

When I was single and dating, I would always carefully watch how my date treated the waitress or water in the restaurant. If she was rude or condescending to them, I know this was a woman I did not want to date ever again.

BQN old-timer

Interesting to see this the same week that there was national press about the expanding use and poor treatment of the many contractors most high technology companies use to do the many sustaining support tasks like cafeteria and janitorial.

Fr Milan

Superb! A lesson everyone should learn…all are equal and no work / person is lowly.


I’ll share this with my dad. I’m the daughter of two teachers. Thank you, Anand💗

Fr: Flor

Wonderful reminder, Anand. This is how we we were raised, too. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Same value we pass on to our daughters. One of the tips we told them while staying at the dorm was to befriend or know the names of the workers at the dorm, cafeteria, and the school. 😊

Fred Neal

What a great learning opportunity you were given by this wise man.


I agree that no matter what, people should be treated equally. It's sad especially in this society, a lot of people still kind of cast others. Salute to the principal who stood up for equality.

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