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February 12, 2009



Oh My: what an inspirational story.

Charles Lee

"Dream does not begin until you do" Right?


June 1985. I was in dilemma about a job offer. Title did not seem right. I got advise from one wise man Get in the door first. Then let your performance do the talking. Rewards follow. I retired after successful career and enjoying life traveling. That advice was a Gem. I am sure you know who gave that advice.

from a long time friend

One of the best ones yet.


My guess: Envelope was filled with $$$$$.


No you Danny Dummy. The envelope was filled with Exit Papers. You did great work, all indicators for your work look great, but we no longer need you. Policy Exception.


Thx for sharing. Very encouraging.
And what was in that Policy Exception? A promotion to Master degree job title and salary?


Great quotes… and a powerful life story

Thank you for sharing

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