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January 15, 2009



So True


We have an institution called "The society for Moral uplifting here in Penang. The paking lot is filled with Benzes, BMWs and other fancy cars. If you want to send the type of guys you mention in your first patagaph here for transformation, they would be welcome.


@Anon - I suspect that the membership fee to join this Society is quite high?


The quotes from Mahatma Gandhi always amaze me. It seems as though whatever he uttered, were golden words for generations to cherish. I wish we have more people like him in this crazy world. We owe him so much


Chuck Feeney sounds like he was an amazing person.

He was born with nothing and left knowing that he could not take his wealth with him and decided to make a difference in the life of others w/o taking credit for this. This is definitely incredible and inspiring.

I’ll have to read more about him.


With economy in Signal 5, severe RECESSION, what we need in USA is Society of Morale uplifiting. Moral with a BIG E added on the end.


wow.....I am a Rotarian and try a little to give back. Chuck Feeney makes it sound simple and enjoyable. Learnt a lesson today......Thanks

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