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September 11, 2008



Are you promoting some kind of "Involved" program?
Neverthless it is a noble cause so keep it up.

Sharon Lee

In late 90s, John Chambers, Cisco CEO had said that he wanted technology to help eliminate world poverty. Don't know the progress on his project but two case studies here are good testimonials how we in tech field can help people improve thier life. Inspiring story of Mr.Mehta and Mr.Flannery. Of course, not to forget Dr. Yunus' contribution to millions of lives.

Sharon Lee


Rod to Glory was not easy for Dr. Yunus. Leftist radicals and Conservative Priests saw his plan as threat and create a lot of trouble. He did not give in or give up.
Accordig to UN reports GRammen bank has helped 50 million poor people to improve thier living.


Gandhi had a good test when one is in doubt or when the self becomes too much important. He would ask " Recall the face of the poorest and weakest man whom you may have seen and ask yourself if the "accomplishment" you are proud about will be if any use to him. Will it restore him to control over his life and destiny? Then you will find your doubts and self melting away.

Friend from Philippines

I like the concept of ‘paying forward’ best. Thank you so much for providing this link, it makes me happy to know that even if I was not able to make it big in the more visible realm, I’m still capable to make those acts of random kindness behind scenes without waiting for anything in return 

Warmest regards,

Penang Person (Lady or  Man)

Good Story. The people in your story know how to use their education for being educated. They use what they learn in school for good practice. They serve community in right way; unlike some events where two people are painting, three digging, two planting while 24 others watching, 10 taking pictures and remaining eating Rambutan and Durian. Forgot, our boss busy posing for picture for Sunday Edition of the newspapers.

Pilar Fernandez

Out of the Box Thinking - Sep 2008

I see:
1. A lamp
2. A pencil
3. A spaceship
4. A swimming pool


The Thurman quote reminded me of a program at my church called Heartworks. It's a series of classes intended to get each student to understand what his/her particular spiritual gifts are, so they can apply them with passion, rather than wandering around looking for a need. It gets rave reviews.

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